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Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments Steven Tenotomy Scissors 5.25″ Straight Tip 1.8

$ 2
Stevens Tenotomy Straight Scissors 5.25”, Working End Length 1.8", Net Weight of Instrument 1 oz. Instruments are used for delicate dissection and cutting, commonly in ophthalmologic, neurological, and plastic surgery procedures. Tenotomy scissors have long handles and small, sharp blades with variable tip styles. The long handles allow the surgeon to have an adequate grip and control while dissecting or cutting in small or narrow areas. Stevens tenotomy scissors are available in Straight with sharp tips, in order to accommodate different procedures. Sharp tips allow precise dissection and cutting of delicate tissue. This product is Straight with a sharp/sharp tip and a length of 5.25 inches. It also features a delicate pattern.    
Part Number Steven Tenotomy Straight Scissors 5.25"
Number of Items 1
Brand Name Xtreem invent international  Instruments
Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Model Number Steven Tenotomy Straight Scissors 5.25"